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Caerphilly start-up RecRock set to play on in music business

Published in Business at 15:00, Wednesday April 9th, 2014.

By Richard Gurner

In a regular feature each fortnight, Caerphilly Observer is profiling a business based at the Welsh Innovation Centre for Enterprise. Welsh ICE is a hub for new businesses at Caerphilly Business Park and is currently home to around 60 start-ups. This week we look at RecRock.

ROCKED: (left to right) RecRock's Greig Halliday, Jack Cooper and Dan Fitzgerald

ROCKED: (left to right) RecRock’s Greig Halliday, Jack Cooper and Dan Fitzgerald

The music business is often portrayed as a universe of egos, Simon Cowell and more egos, but RecRock is a world away from such stereotypes.

Putting the community at the heart of what it does, the company takes music out of the preserve of the moguls and takes it back to what it should be – a lot of fun.

Established by musicians Jack Cooper and Dan Fitzgerald, the company runs music and choir workshops with community groups, schools, young offenders and housing association tenants.

Established in 2012 the venture came about after 26-year-old Jack was fed-up with his call centre job.

Friend Dan was working in a community centre which offered repair workshops for computers and bicycles and the pair decided to try their hand at repairing and recycling discarded instruments.

Dan, 26, explained: “People were bringing in old PCs and bikes and we thought ‘Why can’t we do that with instruments?’

“People started asking us if we could hold music workshops and the company just evolved.”

Recently awarded a £50,000 grant from the South East Wales Community Economic Development Programme, the pair now have expansion in their sights for the social enterprise.

The money will enable RecRock to buy more instruments for more workshops and iPads to enable people with little musical skill to create and mix their own compositions. It will also mean the company can provide services such as live sound packages, recording and instrumental tuition.

The company now plans to hold a series of summer rock workshops for youngsters aged between 11 and 18.

Jack said: “Our workshops are all about giving people more confidence which in turn helps with their wellbeing.”

• For more information about RecRock, or to inquire about private tuition, visit www.recrock.co.uk, email [email protected] or call 02920 140041 or 07712262712.


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  • Dean

    It’s great that they’re actually doing something but hit the idea on the head. It will never generate a healthy flow of money and will live off grants. At first a few people will take the idea on as it’s new, soon after, the idea will become less popular and the whole thing collapses.
    Trust me on this. Apply your passion to a different business venture.

  • http://batman-news.com Mark

    Met the guys involved on an excellent tour of the borough and its social enterprises last month, great to see so much great work going on and new businesses starting up. Success is often down to the people driving the idea and RecRock clearly have what it takes. Clearly feel they can make a success of this venture which adds value and diversity to the community and business landscape. Great to see young people starting up and some positive news for the area.
    Surprised to see a negative comment on here about this – theres always one!